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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  March 7, 2014 11:30pm-12:01am PST

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that they are all safe, and we are trying to do everything in our power to find where the plane is. >> hundreds of passengers are missing after a malaysia airline plane disappears midflight. >> friends and family are gathering waiting for word about their loved ones. so far no wreckage has been found. good evening. i'm carolyn johnson. >> i'm dan ashley. at least four americans were on board including an infant. >> vietnamese authorities detected signals from the missing plane about 120 miles southwest of the vietnamese coast. and we are learning that china has sent two ships to the area to help with search and rescue. >> here is david curly.
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>> the malaysia airlines flight was going to beijing when all contact was lost. 227 passengers and 12 crew aboard. the boeing 777200 left after midnight local time and was due in the early morning hours of beijing. the airline said it lost radar contact with the aircraft two hours after takeoff. reportedly over vietnamese airspace. the ceo of malaysian airlines released a statement saying, quote, we deeply regret we lost all contact with flight mh370. search and rescue efforts are underway with a full day of light for rescue teams. >> our focus now is to work with emergency responders and the authorities. our thoughts and prayers are with all the passengers and crew. >> experts say the scenario is ominous. >> two hours out they would
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not be talking to the air traffic controllers in malaysia. they will be talking to vietnam or they would be talking to someone besides malaysia. was there a may day call? did they know there was a problem with the plane? >> locating the jetliner and possible survivors may booy difficult. >> there is a chance this aircraft went down in the water which is going to make the rescue orie cover reeffort that much -- are on recovery efforts that much harder. >> the recovery beginning at this hour. >> here is a look at the passenger list from the flight released by beijing airport. there are four americans. the l.a. times reporting the names of three people with u.s. passports. 50-year-old philip tall ledge wood and 3-year-old nicole mang and 1-year-old leo mang. >> it has more than 18,000 flying hours. the missing plane, a a boeing 777 and it is 11 years and 10 months old. malaysia airlines is an award-winning carrier and has
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not had an accident since 1995 when a crash killed 34 out of 53 people on board. we will have continuing coverage on this breaking news story. if we learn any new details we will bring them to you and our reporting continues on on our website, a as well as facebook and on twitter at abc7 news bay area. an update now that we had on a story that we had at 9:00. a 10-year-old san leandro boy was found safe this evening. he is a fourth grader at mckinley el elementary and did not get home from school. in the past hour this young man was found safe at a friend's house. police were searching for a man who allegedly sexually assaulted a young girl. a 7-year-old girl told police a stranger on campus touched her inappropriately. despite the lock down they were unable to locate him.
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there is now a reward to help find him. this is a bay area story getting national attention. kathy zimmer was found dead in the back of her car 20 years og. years ago. now two arrests have been made in this case. sergio is live at the santa clara county jail with the story. sergio. they say advances in forensic technology helped them crack this case. they say that is in part why kathy zimmer's former husband and brother are now being held in the santa clara county jail facing murder charges. this is a picture of the quilt that investigators say was found along with kathy zimmer. it sparked new interest in this 25-year-old case. >> we felt it was time to put it out there to see what kind of response we get. we have overwelming response of people trying to help. >> the 39-year-old mother of 2 was strangled in 1989.
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police discovered her car in a parking structure at san jose international airport. the quilt was draped over her body in the backseat. >> we feel at this time we have the two people responsible for her murder, her husband at the time, david zimmer, and his brother robert zimmer are both now in custody. >> david zimmer was arrested and booked into the santa clara county jail. his brother arrested last week. it is prosecutor says zimmer a's former husband is implicated because of financial gains following her death. >> life insurance policies, sale of the home, so yes we do believe there is a financial motive. >> investigators say dna samples taken from kathy zimmer's clothing implicated her husband's brother, robert zimmer. along with the dna link we got this document which is a request for a warrant. in this document detective had had a conversation about -- with robert zimmer's daughter in 2010. back then she said her dad may have been the last person to
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see kathy zimmer. she said at the time when her body was found in the airport -- in her vehicle in the airport he was worried his fingerprints would be found in the car thus implicating him in this case. reporting live in san jose, abc7 news. >> sergio, thank you. we have startling new details about a teacher accused of molesting several children. 32-year-old ronald ginto was charged with 27 felonies and his bail set at $17 million. he pleaded not guilty. investigators believe he molested six boys ages 11 to 13 and all students at making waves academy. it happened during several camping trips. he was fired in november, but then hired at mira vista this afternoon. dash cash this january. he planned to take six more young boys on a secret trip to yosemite and went to great lengths to make that trip
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happen. >> he falsified the principal signature on the list, on the student study form. and we had no idea this was going on. i know we dodged a bullet. >> the district has now proposed changing the hiring practicing. they did not call making waves as part of the background check. >> the crisis escalated with troops advancing on a military base. the russian military truck shutdown the gates. several ukrainian troops bear barricaded themselves in a barics and the pro russian troops withdrew. the pentagon estimates there are about 20,000 russian troops in ukraine's crimea region. there are new questions about the snipers who contributed to last month's blood bath in kiev. authorities are now focusing on russia using the gunmen for a pretext of military incursing. >> there is a search for a
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missing woman suffering from memory problems. she was last seen at the vaw knee shaw community park. she lost most of her short-term memory. they don't know if she drove off in a car like this one, a prius, or the victim of a crime. dozens of trees were removed from a park to protect the natural gas pipelines. they were taken out by pg&e. the power company removed more at the park's request. they can cause leaks and the tree removal is in response to the 2010 san bruno pipeline explosion that killed 10 people. drug tainted meat sends a family to the hospital. now police want to know how lsd ended up on the dinner table. >> and a local inventer looking to land a big deal
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swam with the sharks. did he survive or get eaten alive? >> and it is a very special squad of high school cheerleaders, and you don't want to miss it. it is a really touching story. back in a moment. >> i'm meteorologist sandhya patel live up on the roof of the kgo-tv broadcast center. the week end is here and we have spring-like warmth and a little rain in the forecast. i will
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long and terrible ordeal because their steaks were laced with lsd. the family of four bought the meat from wal-mart and started hallucinating and run to the hospital. the mother was nine months pregnant. the baby was born healthy. the family is okay and everybody is fine. wal-mart is cooperating with the investigation. >> many of you watched shark tank on abc. the stanford graduate who accepted a sweet deal talked with us. he presented his lights to the tycoon. it illuminated the path without shining in his eyes.
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>> we will pay ourselves which is a big one so we can actually grow the team. it is hard to get people talented to join a team that you can't pay them. >> those days are now over. this teacher in livermore e-mailed us about a cheerleading squad that often leaves them crying with. >>. what sort of cheerleaders have that kind of an effect on the crowd? tonight, we take you to livermore. >> it is a crosstown rivalry that has it all. livermore high versus granada high. four hours of nonstop school spirit. in the middle of all of this, the biggest of the night go to the shooting stars. who are these crowd pleasers getting kids from both schools to jump to their feet?
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>> it is a group of special kids. >> all right. before we show you the routine that took them by storm a little background. they are part of the special education program with their own cheerleading team. they have a wide range of abilities and one important thing in common. >> we are all friends to each other. >> they practice at lunchtime. it is coached and cared for by other students. >> put it over your sweatshirt. >> it goes beyond putting on a good show. >> we want every kid to have their own time to shine and to feel they gt to do what they wanted to do. >> it began four years ago performing at school rallies and games. they were an immediate hit and the buzz keeps getting bigger inspiring new students to join. >> my freshman year i had seen them perform and it literally brought tears to my eyes.
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i decided i wanted to work with them. >> this year kendra monica was named the homecoming queen and the graduating seniors were honored with the other school athletes in a special ceremony with their families. by the time the team was ready to perform at the biggest game of the year, excitement reached a fevered pitch. >> they were the final routine. there was choreography, push ups, cart wheels and a fabulous final stunt.
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>> a few minutes after it was over they. quietly took it all . >> they heard them cheering a lot. >> the school is behind them and they never had that and they just love it. >> and the crowd goes wild. how about those shooting stars? >> we learned about the fantastic shooting stars in an e-mail to abc7's you report. >> if you have a story, send it to you report at >> we would love to get the story on the air if we can. >> meteorologist sandhya patel is on the abc7 news rooftop. >> carolyn and dan, welcome back by the way. there are pretty clear skies
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and a spectacular view of the moon out. it will be a good looking weekend. we have a little rain that we need, but it is not going to start immediately. we will talk about what is going on now. there are a few high level clouds and they will come in here overnight and going into tomorrow. let me show you the view from the east bay hills camera. visibility is terrific as we look back toward san francisco. 55 in oakland, redwood city 51 and dropping down to the 40s in los gatos and half moon bay. 48 in santa rosa and napa is cooling down to 46 degrees, protected from the wind and expected to be one of the cooler spots. low 50s for concord and livermore. from our sutro tower camera, there is no fog. spring-like tomorrow. the rain arrives on sunday night. we are looking at dry and mild weather. i know we need the rain, but it doesn't look like any other
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rain chances. high pressure is in command for our weather tomorrow. it is going to be mild and hazy due to the high clouds filtering the sun. a beautiful day though. this cold front comes in and rain comes in late sunday night. we could see a few showers prior to that.6:00 a.m. sunday g showing up. by around 1:00, 2:00, the north bay has a chance of light showers, but it is not until 6:00 p.m. on sunday when you are probably just sitting down to dinner. the rain will move into the north bay. around midnight you may be woken up by the rain moving through san francisco. 3:00 a.m. it is shift together south bay on monday morning and then it tapers as we head toward 10:00 a.m. your morning commute will include a few showers early on on. rainfall expected to be about a 10th to a third for most of the bay area. if you are traveling up to the tahoe area partly cloudy and 57 degrees. there is a chance of rain, but no travel issues. from you coming back from
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tahoe, rain and snow. you may have to watch out for that. >> tomorrow morning patchy fog and a lot of cloud cover. it will will be a cool start. short sleeve weather and it will feel like spring again. 72 fremont and san jose and 73 in liver -- in livermore. a look at the accu-weather seven-day forecast, rate sunday into monday and then dry and mild again. don't forget you want to spring forward sunday at 2:00 a.m. that's when we go to daylight saving time. i am giving you advanced warning so you don't show up late to events. >> we appreciate it. you know us. warriors in action. >> larry beil is here. >> they showed up and they showed up angry, not to mention on time. it is a season best for the war yes, war -- warriors as they seem to be peaking at just the right time.
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the warriors have a schedule that is loaded with home games through march. it is time to lock down a playoff spot start wght hammering of the hawks. a little trouble in the first quarter. he hit his back, hit his head and left with a lower back strain. sparky was happy. curry dishing to lee. o'neil is fantastic as of late for the lefty shot. 17 off the befn. warriors on the 10-0 run. jordan crawford with authority.
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the warriors win it 111-mine 7 and are now a season best 15 games over 500. stanford is in trouble in seattle. pac-12 tournament quarterfinals against colorado at the half. have no fear. the 16-2 run outside and inside and you get 19 points and 11 boards. they will face usc tomorrow in the semifinals. however, cal is out. the bears came in as the two seed. a little double dutch action. a high degree of difficulty. 28 points to seven boards and leading the hoops to the semifinals. britney boyd upset at the finish there. cal at 21-9 and they will still make the ncaa tournament. when we come back, we do the weather report at doral where the wind was the story and tiger hit one shot that he really liked.
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kicked back in the off season before, but he went to work in the off season and the results are clear. the giants and royals in, surprise, arizona. starters are looking really good. timmy with some help. we love the story and the guy can hit. the a's are victoria in arizona 2-0. the sharks were busy building a play ground in san jose. the sharks foundation teaming
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up with a nonprofit kaboom and combining to turn a parking lot into a playground. >> for everybody in the organization putting off something like this and getting their hands dirty is something to see. >> second round of the cadillac championship gusting 30 miles an hour. hold on, birdie, hold on. speaking of birdies, did you see what i did there? it took me an hour. >> that's professional broadcasting right there. tiger shot a 73. that's a 92-footer for birdie. and he was smiling, but he was frustrated after a difficult round. they are all tied in the lead at 1 under par. the abc7 sports is brought to you by riverwalk casino. >> we will be right back. >> first, here is jimmy kimmle. >> thanks, here is a sampling of the nonsense we have in
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store for you tonight. >> i got you a baby gift. it is a heavy baby gift. it is a heavy baby gift. >> that is. ♪music


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